Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage, in India, is considered to be the most pious relationship between two individuals. It is a nuptial bond between two souls and not just two bodies. Post Matrimonial Investigation doesn’t necessarily mean that there is some treachery, it is just having a glance at on the activities of your better half outside the boundaries of your home.

Signs of Partner Cheating

Here are some signs that are going to help you-1. Changes in Habits

  • Not leaving phone unattended
  • Sudden usage of App Locks
  • On-line networking
  • Speaking lies becomes habit
  • Remove phone messages and decision logs

2. Changes in Sex Life

  • Less Intimacy
  • No Connection
  • Sex Life is partially non existent

3. Changes in Attitude

  • Change in behaviour and daily routine
    • Dressing nice or a sudden interest in personal appearance
    • Being more attentive
    • Sudden long work hours
    • Greater Negativity


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